African SAFE cable maintenance affects operators

Internet connections in African nations served by the SAFE subsea cable are running slow due to essential maintenance work.

Internet connections in African nations where telecom operators and internet service providers (ISPs) use the South Africa Far East (SAFE) submarine cable have been experiencing slow service since 2 September, claimed the Ecofin Agency.

Among countries affected are Mauritius, Benin, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola, Senegal and Ghana.Mauritius Telecom has been quoted by local news website, as saying that maintenance work on the subsea cable would affect the quality of its services for a short period of time and apologized in advance in a statement published on 1 September.

Mauritius Telecom explained that it is not responsible for the slow connection, saying it was due to the work on the cable, which started on 2 September.

According to the Reunion website, the maintenance works on SAFE, which are also causing Internet to be slow in the country, result from parts of the cable, offshore, having been cut. Normal service should be resumed on 12 September.

The SAFE cable is 13,104km long and is one of a pair of cables, SAT-3/WASC being the other, which provides high-speed digital links between Europe, West and Southern Africa and the Far East. Together with SAT-3/WASC, it also provides redundancy for other cables travelling through the Middle East.