Iliad web hosting unit upgrades to France-IX's 100Gbps ports

Iliad web hosting unit upgrades to France-IX's 100Gbps ports

French web hosting provider has migrated from four 10Gbps ports to two 100Gbps ports on France-IX’s internet exchange to bolster its capacity and performance

Online’s upgrade is said to have enabled the optimisation of its connection and reduce the complexity of its port management. It claims to have boosted capacity by 400% with the latest upgrade. is part of the Iliad Group which also owns the operator Free. The web hosting provider is presently hosting “several hundred thousand” websites across its data centres and provides services such as domain names, dedicated servers and web hosting to internet stakeholders of all sizes globally. 

“We have been providing web hosting services for over 15 years and we know exactly what is required: solid performance over a fast network and uptime approaching 100%,” said Arnaud de Bermingham, CEO at 

“We have had significant growth in recent years and have been upgrading at all our network and IXPs. With two 100Gbps ports at France-IX, this is now one of the places where Online has the greatest capacity for long-term growth.” 

Franck Simon, managing director at France-IX, said: “We launched our 100Gbps member ports to provide our peers with the capacity to satisfy their increasing traffic while also optimizing their management requirements and we are delighted that Online has taken advantage of this. We look forward to other members signing up in future."

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