Luminet and CCS to roll out London network

Luminet and CCS to roll out London network

Luminet and CCS have partnered to help mobile operators cope with London’s mobile data traffic growth by announcing the roll out of a small cell backhaul and enterprise network.

They are collaborating on sites, spectrum and wireless backhaul, which will enable enterprises to receive up to 1Gbps internet access and provide mobile operators with readily-available wireless backhaul for their small cell deployments that will be needed to cope with the increase in mobile data, as well as support the future shift to 5G.

“Our partnership with CCS will see one of the first self-organising networks in a Tier One global city, and by adopting a neutral host strategy we are enabling how mobile operators can scale with the ongoing increase in mobile data demand in urban areas,” said Sasha Williamson, CEO of Luminet.

“London mobile network congestion is hitting a crunch point – it is one of the most digitally dependent cities in the world and is the epicentre of the UK’s digital economy, which is growing 32% faster than the rest of the economy. In order for the city to retain its competitiveness on a global stage, having the necessary digital infrastructure is paramount.”

The proliferation of smartphones and surge in mobile data demands in London has put a huge strain on mobile operator networks. Operators have tried to address demand with the addition of new base-stations, but installations are complicated by the planning permissions, costs and space required.

Small cells give mobile operators the opportunity to get access to coverage and capacity in places that their legacy networks struggle to reach or have capacity constraints. Steve Greaves, CEO of CCS, added: “The combination of Luminet’s sites and spectrum assets with our self-organising wireless backhaul is a catalyst for improving mobile services across London. Our flexible mesh architecture enables us to automatically adjust the backhaul topology and assign capacity to wherever mobile operators decide to roll out small cells using Luminet sites. This partnership will simplify and reduce the cost of operators’ small cell deployments considerably.” 

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