MTS enters tower infrastructure market

MTS enters tower infrastructure market

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is entering the tower infrastructure market and has invited potential partners to start applying for use of the equipment on MTS towers.

As well as renting space on towers and antenna support structures, which has seen the creation of a specialised unit, MTS has devised a strategy for the development of its own infrastructure of mobile communications towers.

“The rental market of antenna towers in Russia has been actively evolving. As we are diversifying our business, we announce that we are ready to offer our facilities for rent for any tenant,” said vice-President of MTS on technology and IT Andrey Ushatsky.

“In the first phase, we are prepared to rent more than 5,500 towers in operation and our further development in this field will depend upon the mix of the demand from potential partners and our technical capabilities.”

MTS added that from the end of 2016 it may seek to offer to rent additional towers and antenna support structures to meet potential rental demand.

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