France-IX activates marketplace for IP-centric services

France-IX activates marketplace for IP-centric services

France-IX has activated an IXP marketplace platform where its peering members can buy any IP-centric service.

The France-IX Marketplace is a buying model which enables services to be provisioned quickly and easily over private circuit’s setup over the platform, and also delivers significant cost efficiencies to buyer-members. France-IX claims it is the first IXP to offer anti-DDoS solution through its marketplace along with other services including IP transit. Additional services are planned to be rolled-out in the future.

“The role of IXPs is changing, especially for those which are international exchange points like France-IX,” says Franck Simon, managing director at France-IX.

“IXPs used to provide purely a technical platform for carriers, ISPs and CDNs to peer, meaning interconnecting their networks and exchanging their own traffic. But now, with such a large and diversified membership including a growing segment of enterprises, we saw the opportunity to extend from simple peering to facilitating a marketplace where our members can buy the services they need from our partners. By including services such as anti-DDoS, we are going beyond other IXPs’ offerings and we are proud to be an innovator in the evolution of the IXP.”

Its first marketplace seller is wholesale provider Orange International Carriers, which is offering its comprehensive portfolio of innovative and flexible solution to France-IX’ operators, international carriers and OTT peering members.

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, managing director at Orange International Carriers, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer our IP transit service, Open Transit® Internet (OTI), as well as IP transit DDoS protection all through the France-IX POPs within the Paris metro area.

“Network operators who peer at the France-IX can now benefit from all these Orange services at the best wholesale prices along with quick and seamless service delivery by France-IX.” 

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