Felexenclosure to ePower 1,000 sites for IHS Towers

Felexenclosure to ePower 1,000 sites for IHS Towers

Flexenclosure has been selected by IHS Towers to build 1,000 energy efficient hybrid power systems to power IHS’s Nigerian mobile telecom towers.

The deal will see Flexenclosure supply 1,000 eSite power systems, manufactured in Sweden, for IHS Towers’ sites in the Abuja region of central Nigeria, as part of IHS’s larger green energy programme.

“We needed to be sure that we were deploying the best available power solution at our tower sites and we’re confident that we’ve made the right choice,” William Saad, IHS co-founder and COO, said.

“Flexenclosure has successfully rolled out various large scale deployments and eSite has proven credentials operating in the toughest environments while delivering exceptional reductions in diesel-related costs and carbon emissions.”

Flexenclosure stated that the deal will make Nigeria’s mobile network markedly more sustainable as the tower sites will be powered by new renewable energy solutions, which rely heavily on solar energy. “In working with IHS, our corporate strategy is evolving from simply being an equipment provider to partnering with our customers over the long-term to maximise site profitability,” added Flexenclosure CEO, David King.

The news comes after IHS agreed to acquire HTN’s 1,211-tower portfolio

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