China Unicom to build data centre network

China Unicom to build data centre network

China Unicom has announced it is to build a nationwide network of internet data centres, which is able to host 4 million units of computer servers.

Lu Yimin, China Unicom's general manager, told the China Daily the company will step up efforts to build Internet data centres across China: "When completed, the total area of these data centres will exceed 2 million square meters, which will lay down a sound base for the development of cloud computer."

China Unicom presently has six key internet data centres and dozens of smaller centres, which host around 1 million servers. Yimin informed China Daily that the company has plans to build a key centre in each province and multiple small centres in remote regions.

China Unicom has not offered any timelines for the project, nor has it disclosed any investment figures.

The news comes after China Unicom signed an SDN and NFV agreement with ZTE earlier this week.

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