Alcatel Lucent and Cinia record 144Tbit/s capacity on C-Lion1

Alcatel Lucent and Cinia record 144Tbit/s capacity on C-Lion1

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and Cinia have claimed that they have successfully demonstrated record capacity of 144Tbit/s on the C-Lion1 submarine cable system.

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN), now part of Nokia, and Cinia Group carried out the tests on the 1,172km subsea cable and demonstrated capacity of 18 Tbit/s of data per fibre pair, using ASN’s 1620 Softnode 8qam technology over 8 fibre pairs of cable.

“This result demonstrates Cinia’s ability to provide ultra-high speed connectivity services with lowest latency for data centres, enterprises and data intensive organisations. The implementation project with ASN was successfully completed as planned, and the new connection is now set to fuel the development of the digital economy,” said Taneli Vuorinen, senior vice president at Cinia Group.

Showing an ultimate capacity of 144Tbit/s (18Tbit/s x 8 fibre pairs) demonstrates that C-Lion1 can effectively handle increased connectivity and data centre requirements driven by cloud computing, big data and digitalisation, said a joint statement.

Cinia’s C-Lion1 submarine cable system has implemented the latest generation of ASN high-performance wet plant based on extended repeater bandwidth and, new generation of coherent submarine fibre (CSF-2).

The C-Lion1 cable, linking Germany and Finland, C-Lion1 connects data centres in Northern and Central Europe, and offers a low-latency route between Europe and Asia, was completed in January 2016.

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