Surf Telecom to deploy 5G-ready Brazilian network

Surf Telecom to deploy 5G-ready Brazilian network

Brazilian operator Surf Telecom is reportedly set to launch LatAm’s first 5G-ready network in São Paulo’s metropolitan region, according to BNAmericas.

Surf Telecom’s CEO Yon Moreira told BNAmericas that the goal is to have the first activations by the end of this year.

In December, Surf Telecom acquired the last LTE frequency by regulator Anatel's auction, which covers the São Paulo metropolitan region, marking an important milestone for Surf Telecom's wholesale business.

"That means we will be not only an MVNO but an MNO itself," Moreira, a former director at Telefônica/Vivo and Brasil Telecom, added to BNAmericas.

The company reportedly plans to deploy between 1,000-1,500 radio access networks in telecom towers in the region. Surf Telecom is reportedly shopping around for a provider for adequate telecom equipment.

According to Moreira's comments to BNAmericas, it will be a category 5 LTE network capable of delivering speeds of 300MB. The idea is to use a slice of the frequency (5G-slice) to support specific services that require high speed and very low latency, such as self-driving cars.

The type of MVNO license Surf Telecom has attained from Anatel will enable it to provide services to other MVNOs. 

The news will add strains to its business relationship with TIM, with whom Surf Telecom presently uses its 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

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