ZTE upgrades Airtel Uganda network to enable 4G

ZTE upgrades Airtel Uganda network to enable 4G

Airtel has collaborated with ZTE for the first time in Africa to upgrade its Ugandan 3G network, reportedly increasing its network performance by 20%.

The operator states the UMTS900 3G network, deployed at 674 sites, should provide wider coverage and an improved indoor 3G broadband experience.

The modernised network has facilitated a lower equipment power consumption and tower renting fees, resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX. It also paves the way for 4G deployment.

“I have been impressed by the high quantity of sites delivered by ZTE and also the resulting improvement in customer experience on data which ZTE has enabled for the Airtel Uganda network,” said Tom Gutjahr, managing director of Airtel Uganda.

The deployment involved the adoption of ZTE’s SDR 2.0 solution which supports the evolution into long-term evolution (LTE) and long-term evolution advanced (LTE-A) networks.

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