BICS adds ports with Neutral Internet Exchange

BICS adds ports with Neutral Internet Exchange

BICS has added four Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix) ports in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Marseille respectively.

The ports are said to improve routes in the BICS network, and will enable its traffic to go through the European wide NL-ix Internet Exchange.

“The constant growing need for IP based services and the substantial volumes required by HD video streaming or the IoT makes it of even greater importance to grasp control over the key traffic flows in the network. Therefore BICS joins the expanding NL-ix community convinced of the enhanced quality that this will bring to end-customers”, says Eric Loos, senior product manager of capacity and IP at BICS.

NL-ix views Marseille as growing in importance as a content distribution hub, which it believes will act as a key gateway to Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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