Orange pact with Saudi Arabia’s STC and award to Mobily

Orange pact with Saudi Arabia’s STC and award to Mobily

Orange consultancy Sofrecom has signed an innovation pact with STC and given an environment award to Etisalat’s Saudi arm Mobily.

Saudi Arabia’s STC has signed an agreement with Orange’s consultancy arm, Sofrecom, to explore innovation in telecoms. At the same time Sofrecom has honoured rival Saudi operator Mobily for its activities to reduce energy consumption in data centres.

Khaled Hussain Al Biyari, STC group CEO, and Marc Rennard, deputy group CEO of Orange agreed to reinforce and strengthen work relations between them as well as to improve their collaboration in various areas of the Saudi market as they relate to products, digital services, business activities and skills development.

A statement from STC said they plan to exchange experiences as well as the best practices regarding technology and marketing to enable the development of innovative products in various fields with the intention of enhancing services for different types of customers.

STC said the deal showed its intention “to adopt several strategic partnerships with the most well-known telecommunications and data technology firms, to meet its customers’ expectations, and to improve quality as well as the work level remaining consistent with the company’s strategic orientations, as well as contribute to supporting the national economy”.

Sofrecom CEO Jacques Moulin and the unit’s Middle East managing director Abdelkader Dali handed the company’s award to Etisalat’s Saudi Arabian unit, Mobily, represented by Akil Al Akil, the mobile operator’s senior executive officer for regulatory affairs.

Mobily partnered with Sofrecom to optimise existing technical buildings and reduce energy consumption across its data centres, in order to save capex and opex.

Al Akil said: By the end of phase one, we learned we had managed to reduce 270 core network cabinets.” That saved electrical power and cooling power. “The process of optimisation doesn’t just have a net positive impact on the environment; it also provides enormous capex/opex savings.”

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