Telstra extends SDN offering

Telstra extends SDN offering

Telstra has extended its SDN-based offering, launching the PEN Exchange and PEN Marketplace.

The services leverage Telstra’s PEN Platform and are designed to deliver increased flexibility and efficiency.

The PEN Exchange aims to help organisations identify and connect their network circuits on-demand with other PEN customers. Customers can use an online portal to order virtual network functions – such as firewalls and routers – on-demand and based on their preferred vendor.

“The launch of our new PEN Exchange is the natural next step in our SDN strategy and means we now have the unique capability to dynamically connect network circuits between PEN Exchange customers, linking different people and business sites easily and cost effectively,” said Jim Clarke, Telstra’s head of international products and pricing.

Telstra has also launched the PEN Marketplace, an online portal which allows customers to order virtual network functions in real-time from different vendors and for different business needs. It is designed to help customers manage their applications virtually and across multiple countries simultaneously.

“Additionally, being able to order virtual applications based on specific business requirements at specific times, means customers can also avoid overprovisioning and consequently, unnecessary costs,” said Clarke.

Telstra’s SDN platform is available in 26 PoPs across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. Telstra began offering Pacnet’s SDN platform to its customers in April 2015, having acquired Asia’s largest privately-owned subsea cable network for $697 million.  

Its latest announcement highlights the continued efforts from carriers to get a head start with SDN and NFV.

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