European operators set up CEOs' lobby group

European operators set up CEOs' lobby group

A group of competitive telecoms operators has set up a high-level pressure group of CEOs to challenge the European Commission to get a fairer voice in Europe’s move towards a single digital market.

The European Competitive Telecommunications Association, meeting in Brussels, appointed a team of its member companies’ CEOs to give them a stronger voice in European policy-making.

“It’s in our DNA to challenge supremacy. Competition drives progress,” said Alex Goldblum, CEO of wholesale and enterprise operator Eurofiber and a member of the new group. “We wan innovative new companies to have a chance to succeed.”

Other companies represented on ECTA’s CEO council include 1&1, EWE Tel, Fastweb, Iliad, Inexio, Level 3 Communications, Play, QSC and Tele2.

The move was welcomed by Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for digital economy and society, speaking at ECTA’s annual conference.

“The telecoms sector is the enabler for the digital economy as a whole,” said Oettinger. “We need unconstrained connectivity.”

He concluded: “The CEP council can make an important contribution to the debate.”

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