Thailand's prime minister says 4G auction must proceed

Thailand's prime minister says 4G auction must proceed

Thailand’s Prime minister Prayut Chanocha has issued a warning that operators who seek to delay the country’s spectrum auction with illegal means may be dealt with.

“Any legal action against the auctions will be considered illegal,” said Chanocha.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission plans to auction 30MHz in the 1.8GHz band on November 11 2015 and 20MHz of 900MHz spectrum on December 2015. However the auction has faced opposition from state-owned operators CAT telecom and TOT Plc. 

Last week CAT Telecom called for a review into bids for the 1.8GHz auction and said that it should be given 20MHz of 1.8GHz spectrum for its 4G network. Earlier, TOT’s labour union filed a lawsuit to halt the planned auction. 

Chanocha said it was the government’s policy to auction the 4G spectrum irrespective of the pending lawsuit. 

The 4G auction has been delayed by over a year since the country’s military coup seized control in May last year.   

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