CAT Telecom calls for review into bids for 1800MHz spectrum licences

Thailand’s state-owned CAT Telecom is to request a review from the country’s regulator into bids for 1800MHz spectrum licences.

If successful, the move will further delay the country’s 4G mobile spectrum which was moved from December to November 12 2015 by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

"We want the NBTC to reconsider about any possible risk from putting the 1800MHz spectrum into auction," said Sanpachai Huvananda, CAT's acting president, adding that the operator plans to meet the regulator and the country’s deputy prime minister Wissanu Krue-ngam to discuss the matter.

Huvananda said CAT Telecom still has the right to use the 1800MHz spectrum until 2018 and should not need to return the spectrum to the regulator for the auction.

The announcement comes after operator TOT Plc’s labour union filed a suit against the NBTC on Wednesday over the ownership of 900MHz spectrum.

The NBTC had scheduled the auction of two 1800MHz spectrum licences on November 11 and two additional 900MHz spectrum licences on December 2015.

The regulator had initially planned for the auction to take place in 2014, however that was postponed after the military government took power last May.