Ericsson launches 5GEx project

Ericsson launches 5GEx project

Ericsson has launched its 5G Exchange (5GEx) project, designed to enable a unified European 5G infrastructure service market that integrates multiple operators and technologies.

A phase one 5G infrastructure public private partnership (5G PPP), the project is designed to focus on supporting cross-domain service orchestration over multiple administrations or multi-domain single administrations.

The project is expected to provide automated service provisioning with reduced time to market for operators and content providers.

Simultaneously, enterprises and industries will be able to define, deploy and control service architectures on-demand, as well as migrate their network services to a virtual platform.

“A unified European 5G infrastructure service market will be a strong enabler for feature-rich services that can have a positive impact on people, business and society,” said Sara Mazur, head of Ericsson Research.

“As a leader in the development of 5G and a partner in several industry collaboration initiatives, we are excited to lead the 5GEx project and contribute to realising the full benefits of 5G.”

The 5GEx initiative will run from October 2015 to March 2018.

Ericsson is committed to a number of other 5G initiatives, including the EU’s METIS-II, designed to develop radio system requirements for a standardised 5G network.


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