France-IX releases 100G members’ ports

France-IX releases 100G members’ ports

France-IX has today made it possible for its members to connect with 100Gbps ports on its triple core in Paris, as well as its two PoPs in Marseille.

The French internet exchange was previously offering 1Gbps and 10Gbps ports, but the move to 100Gbps was a result of an increasing number of members connecting multiple 10Gbps ports.

Franck Simon, managing director at France-IX said that the market had not been 100G-ready until recently.

“To get connected to France-IX through a 100Gbps port, the concerned network must of course dispose of the 100Gbps technology on its own equipment which represents a significant investment,” he said.

“So we waited for the democratisation of this technology within the eyeballs and major content providers, as this had the effect to decrease the price point of these ports.”

This year, the company has allegedly experienced a higher growth than previous years, and has consequently been able to increase its investment in equipment.

The 100Gbps ports were launched at a price designed to align with European peering market trends.

“We plan on connecting the first members with 100Gbps at the very beginning of 2016, starting with major operators,” Simon said.


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