América Móvil and Ericsson join forces for Brazilian 5G

América Móvil and Ericsson join forces for Brazilian 5G

América Móvil and Ericsson have agreed to bring the first 5G test system to Brazil in 2016, as part of the country’s digital agenda.

Signed in conjunction with Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, the deal will see Ericsson’s test system enable operators to test 5G capabilities in a live network.

The two companies have also pledged to deploy a test system for IoT designed to help Brazilian industries prepare for the digital transformation.

“For 5G, our focus is to understand how the systems will be used by both society and industries,” said Hans Vestberg, president and CEO at Ericsson.

“To be ready with complete commercial networks in 2020, Ericsson is partnering with América Móvil for the first 5G test system in Brazil as a clear demonstration of our competitive advantage, and at the same time we are bringing research out of the labs and into live test networks.”

Ericsson has also announced an additional program with the University of São Paulo and University of Campinas – cyber-physical systems, focussed on networks that communicate without human input – to be conducted in 2017.


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