Reliance picks ZTE to build 100G metro optical network

Reliance picks ZTE to build 100G metro optical network

Reliance Communications India has chosen ZTE to build a 100G optical transportation network (OTN).

ZTE will provide 100G optical transportation network design, engineering, installation, operations and maintenance services in Pune and Hyderabad in the next three years. It will also provide its ZXONE series of equipment to provide multi-service access and integration.  

The vendor’s low total cost of ownership was a major factor in Reliance’s decision to partner with it, according to ZTE.

The Indian telco is presently the fourth largest operator in India, with 14.35% of Indian market share.

ZTE’s 100G OTN service is said to enable the operator to quickly develop Pune and Hyderabad’s 100G metro area transmissions and ease its long-term evolution bandwidth requirement pressures. ZTE’s service claims to support access rates from E1/T1 to 100GE and combine dense and coarse wavelengths.   


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