Telkom South Africa spins off wholesale unit

Telkom South Africa spins off wholesale unit

South Africa's Telkom has spun off its wholesale unit into a separate business aimed at serving all telcos and its parent company in a more open and transparent way.

Openserve will be a business unit within the Telkom Group, which is formed as part of the company’s continuing efforts to strengthen customer focus through a more flexible and agile operating model, said the company. The unit will also be autonomous and responsible for its own profit and losses. 

The separation is in line with the company’s turnaround strategy to separate its wholesale and retail divisions to facilitate greater focus, accountability and customer centricity.  

"With the launch of Openserve, we want to make a significant impact on the way we provide open access broadband to all South Africans. We welcome a more open-access environment and believe that we, as Openserve, can make important headway in helping all South African bridge the digital divide," said Alphonzo Samuels, who will lead the unit.

"Telkom intends to play a substantial role in lowering the barrier to entry for new players and to increase the competitiveness of smaller players.”  

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