Deutsche Telekom ICSS and RTX launch voice platform

Deutsche Telekom ICSS and RTX launch voice platform

Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) has partnered with Routetrader Exchange (RTX) to launch a web-based voice platform.

Dynamic Voice Exchange (DVX) is a pay-as-you-go service which provides access to Deutsche Telekom’s network, offering voice interconnect and connectivity to destinations around the world.

It is integrated with RTX’s banking and billing infrastructure, which features a cash-management system that works with multi-currency banking infrastructure. The system is designed to eradicate lengthy contractual negotiations, enabling customers to start sending traffic to any destination globally within a few days.

“Our new Dynamic Voice Exchange is a fast, transparent and cost-effective voice termination service that helps our customers access the high-quality voice portfolio of Deutsche Telekom ICSS. Together with our partner RTX, we have developed an innovative solution that supports our clients to quickly and easily expand their international voice footprint while providing full cost control,” said Mardia van der Walt, Senior VP of Deutsche Telekom ICSS.

For RTX, the partnership builds on the launch of Fast Pay in April; a service designed to bridge cash flow gap and speed up payments between carriers of its global carrier exchange service.

“Utilising RTX’s globally unique, secure banking solution and fast on-boarding process, DVX is now the bridge between our new partner Deutsche Telekom and thousands of small operators around the globe,” said Miles Esfahani, MD of RTX.

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