BT maintains Openreach control is vital for investment

BT maintains Openreach control is vital for investment

BT has responded to calls for it to be separated from its Openreach unit, emphasising the importance of its control of the arm.

The company claims to have invested £20 billion into the country’s infrastructure over the past decade and promised to maintain investments with the support of regulator Ofcom.

"It is vital for the digital health of the UK that Openreach remains part of the wider BT Group as this will enable it to continue to benefit from BT's capital as well as the c.£500 million a year BT spends on its world class research and development," said the company.

"BT is keen that Openreach continues to provide regulated services to all companies on an equal basis as this model has served the UK exceptionally well over the past decade, and the company believes others have failed to make a convincing and evidence based case for change.” 

The company’s comments comes as Ofcom completed the public consultation phase of its strategic review of the sector last week which saw Vodafone joined Sky and TalkTalk in calling for the split of BT and Openreach

In addition, BT urged Ofcom to address rival Sky’s dominance in the pay TV market. 

“BT’s submission highlights the continuing problems in the Pay TV market, where Sky’s dominance continues to be unchecked and where new rules are needed to make switching far easier for customers,” the company said.

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