BT launches cloud-based DDoS mitigation service

BT launches cloud-based DDoS mitigation service

BT has launched its cloud-based distributed denial or service (DDoS) mitigation service in a move to help companies stay secure and ensure continuity of service.

The company said that its so-called ‘cloud of clouds’ – a new generation of cloud services that allow large organisations to connect to the applications and data they need – would encompass global DDoS mitigation.  

BT said the service adds to its existing portfolio of security services designed to further secure BT’s cloud services integration offerings.

"Security is at the very top of the agenda for CIOs, and business leaders in general, when they look at leveraging the opportunities of the cloud. The risks associated with cloud computing are another business risk to be managed through robust governance practices, and those risks increase as organizations embrace cloud services hosted outside of their own estate,” said Mark Hughes, CEO of BT Security. 

“Our global network already has very strong security features, including firewall services embedded throughout. Our cloud identity management solution ensures appropriate access for employees, customers and partners to the cloud or on premise applications irrespective of their location.”

BT launched its Assure Cloud Access Identity Management service in April 2015, followed by BT Assure Cloud Firewall, which enables firewall to be embedded directly into the network. 

BT’s Assure DDoS mitigation system is said to sift through internet traffic for irregularities and mitigate the attack before it affects the customer’s network.

In 2014, 41% of organisations were victims of DDoS attacks, with 78% targeted twice or more in the year, according to research by BT.

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