Orange defines strategy with reappointments

Orange defines strategy with reappointments

Orange has defined its priorities for the next five years through its strategic plan Essentials2020, with a series of appointments and a focus on Africa, the Middle East and Spain.

Marc Rennard, who led Orange’s development in Africa and the Middle East, will be appointed deputy chief executive officer in charge of customer experience and mobile financial services. 

Bruno Mettling, who has contributed to the group’s transformation, will be assigned the role of deputy chief executive officer in charge of operations in Africa and the Middle East. Marc Vignolles, who headed Orange Spain since 2007, will become his second-in-command as chief operating officer of AMEA operations. 

“This new organisation has been thought out to support our strategic plan, Essentials2020. I am especially proud of the talent that makes up the management team at my side. These changes will take effect on 1 March 2016 in order to allow for the completion of certain particularly important projects for the Group, such as the preparation of our mobile banking offer and the integration of Jazztel,” said Stephane Richard, chairman and CEO of Orange. 

“I also wanted the coming months to be devoted to the preparation and organisation of this transition, so that it can take place in an efficient and coherent manner, and so that the new organisation will be fully operational from day one.”

In addition, Laurent Paillassot will be appointed CEO of Orange Spain, following the operator’s acquisition of Jazztel to become a convergent player in the Spanish market. The unit forms over 10% of the group’s revenue. 

Jerome Barre will be appointed senior executive vice president in charge of human resources. The operator said it plans to introduce a people-oriented digital employer model, which it said is essential for meeting the challenges of digitisation. 

Thierry Bonhomme, who presently is at the helm of Orange Business Services, will also be appointed deputy chief executive officer. 

The operator said Africa and the Middle East was a growth territory. The creation of a holding company, as well as its introduction of offices in four countries in the region, is expected to open up development opportunities for the group, it added.  

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