Alcatel-Lucent and Poland collaborate on broadband project

Alcatel-Lucent and Poland collaborate on broadband project

Alcatel-Lucent is to partner with the Polish government to extend ultra-broadband access in eastern Poland, through its IP/MPLS and optical networking technology.

The project, initiated by local Polish authorities and co-funded by the European Union, is a continuation of the government’s work under its National Broadband Plan and the Eastern Poland Broadband Network investment initiative.  

“We are happy that the Polish government shared our vision about the value of an ultra-broadband IP transport and access network,” said Andrzej Dulka, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent Poland. “This partnership confirms our strong expertise in national broadband initiatives globally, and technology leadership in IP networking.”

In addition, Alcatel-Lucent will lay the foundation for next-generation ultra-broadband access - under its Smart City ICT initiative - to enable progress on the country’s targets of connecting 100% of households to the internet at 30Mbps and 50% with 100Mbps by 2020.

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