Vodafone Italy and Huawei launch cloud-based VoLTE network

Vodafone Italy and Huawei launch cloud-based VoLTE network

Vodafone Italy and Huawei have launched what they claim to be the world’s first cloud-based voice over LTE (VoLTE) network.

The Chinese company provided the project with cloud-based IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) core applications and cloud-based element management system (EMS)  as well as management and orchestration-virtualised network function management (MANO-VNFM) and an automatic operations and maintenance (O&M) platform. 

"Huawei is committed to establishing itself as NFV leader by providing the market with mature commercial solutions," said the company. 

“Media plane acceleration, fully automated operation, NFV-based capability exposure, and intelligent network slicing are key areas for NFV consolidation. These future goals are the core of Huawei’s commitment to facilitating cloud transformation for operators.”

In addition the vendor has deployed the cloud-based IMS core network and completed the end-to-end integration.

Vodafone Germany launched its VoLTE service in March 2015, reportedly the first such service in the country. 

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