Denmark's TDC begins roll-out of LTE-A carrier aggregation

Denmark's TDC begins roll-out of LTE-A carrier aggregation

TDC has launched LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation in Denmark, which it claims doubles the peak connection speeds on its network to 300Mbps.

The service is deployed on 500 mobile masts in selected locations in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Holstebro, Næstved, Odense, Slagelse, and Viborg.

The operator’s head of operations Peter Schleidt said that the deployment of so-called 4G+ enables TDC to handle the increasing data usage of its customers.

TDC noted that presently only a limited number of devices support the technology but added that more devices and subscriptions will made available for consumers.  

"It's the same principle as the expansion of highways. More tracks by itself does not provide higher speed. But it does mean that traffic runs better and with less queuing. More people can then get faster at the same time – the same goes with 4G+," said Schleidt.

In 2011, TDC launched its 2600MHz LTE network, delivering data transfer speeds of up to 150Mbps on its network, followed by 800MHz LTE in 2013.

TDC plans to next launch tri-band LTE-A – said to boast a theoretical maximum speed of up to 450Mbps – into its network in the coming months.

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