Lebanon to be “totally connected” by 2020

Lebanon to be “totally connected” by 2020

Lebanese telecoms minister Boutrous Harb has revealed a five year plan for the deployment of high-speed fibre-optic broadband infrastructure in the country.

“Fibre-optic networks will be installed in Lebanon progressively over five years and the country will be totally connected by the year 2020,” Harb told local reporters.

The project involves the creation of an initial fibre network to directly connect commercial, banking, financial and economic institutions in phase one. A second direct fibre network will allegedly connect homes and offices.

“We have been receiving a lot of complaints regarding the malfunction of internet connectivity,” Harb continued. “This is why we need to work hard on developing this project.”

Existing 4G LTE mobile services allegedly cover 16% of the country, and these will be expanded to cover the whole country by 2020, in preparation for the launch of 5G at that time, Harb said.

The project will cost an estimated $600 million which will reportedly be covered by the telecoms ministry’s budget.

Halb also expects the project to attract foreign investors to Lebanon, as well as provide further job opportunities.

“This is why we are urging civil society organisations (CSOs), local institutions, municipalities and the media to play a role in spreading this culture and informing people about the benefits of such a plan,” Harb added. 


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