Dial Telecom continues expansion of backbone network

Dial Telecom has opened what it claims is the shortest route for transmission of up to 400GE connecting Krakow, Katowice, Prague and Frankfurt.

The route, which can be connected to the Krakow-Lviv (Ukraine) dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) route, is said to have a latency of 8.9 milliseconds.

The announcement comes after the operator’s expansion of its most heavily used DWDM link in Europe in January 2015 – the Frankfurt-Cesky Tesin route to Poland, which has since included a part running via Bialsko Biala to Krakow.

“The strengthening of the transit infrastructure came as a response to the requirements of Dial Telecom’s customers,” Tomas Strasak, the Prague-based company’s chief of sales said at Capacity Central and East Europe 2015.

“It confirms the trend of an ever increasing volume of international data transportation, which Dial Telecom is able to respond to, thanks to the technological features of its telecommunication network.”