Level 3 and Optus ink Australian CDN deal

Level 3 and Optus ink Australian CDN deal

Level 3 Communications and Optus have signed a CDN agreement which will see Level 3 deliver caching services to the Australian operator.

The deal is designed to enable Optus to locally cache high-demand content on its network, and will also provide the operator with faster access to content.

“Through Level 3's CDN, we are able to improve the consumption of video, music, photo and data content over the internet, not just locally within Australia, but also across the globe," said Rob Parcell, managing director of Optus Wholesale and Satellite.

“Broadcasting customers and website owners with rich media content will benefit from the deployment of this CDN network.”

Level 3 will benefit from a 300% expansion of its own CDN capacity in Australia as a result of the deal.

John Blout, regional president of North America and Asia at Level 3, said that the explosion of OTT services is putting a huge strain on networks.

“By putting our CDN servers on Optus’ network, we are enabling a better streaming video experience to Australian consumers, as well as creating a way for enterprises to leverage our CDN network for their content needs.”

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