Prysmian claim to supply world’s highest fibre density cable

Prysmian claim to supply world’s highest fibre density cable

Prysmian Group is claiming to have deployed the world’s highest fibre density in a high fibre count cable.

The energy and telecoms cable systems provider supplied a cable with a fibre count of 1728 fibres and an overall diameter of 23mm for a Vocus data centre in Sydney.

The data centre provider required a very high fibre count cable for a customer data centre install. Historically cables have a maximum fibre count of up to 720 fibres, but Prysmian’s Flextube claims to offer small and flexible cables with faster installation compared to standard loose tube cables.

Installing such a large number of fibres is also said to help reduce future truck rolls and increases potential customer connection speed.

“This is a first for the telecoms industry, globally,” said Alex West, COO at Vocus. “One of the main benefits of this cable is the reduced cost per fibre pair. It costs roughly the same to install a 1728 fibre Flextube cable as it does to install a traditional 624 fibre loose tube cable. Using the large fibre count 1728f cable more than halves the cost per installed fibre. This is a great advantage in what is a very competitive market”.