Huawei launches SDN-based IoT solution

Huawei launches SDN-based IoT solution

Chinese vendor Huawei has today revealed the launch of what it claims is the world’s first SDN-based internet of things (IoT) solution.

Launched at Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2015 in Beijing, China this week, the Agile IoT solution is designed to enable objects to connect to the internet and communicate with one another. It also facilitates network management and maintenance.

“IoT is the future of our increasingly digitised world and networks are key to driving value creation for enterprises,” said Li Xianyin, general manager of enterprise gateway product domain at Huawei.

“With Huawei’s IoT technologies and offerings, we hope to support the digital transformation of traditional industries and the development of the IoT ecosystem.”

The solution comprises three core components; the Agile Controller, Agile IoT gateways and IoT operating system, LiteOS.

An open source system LiteOS provides a unified development platform which, according to Huawei, is three times smaller and consumes four times less power than other IoT operating systems.

The Agile IoT gateways bridge sensor and IP networks, and the Agile Controller enables the unified management of these IoT gateways, terminals, computing resources, applications and data.

Last month, Huawei teamed up with China Mobile to launch another industry first; an SDN-based clock network solution. 

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