Gabon Telecom modernises wholesale billing operations with CSG

Gabon Telecom modernises wholesale billing operations with CSG

Gabon Telecom has selected CSG International’s wholesale business management solution to modernise its billing operations.

The platform offers an integrated suite of partner oriented products designed to give customers more control of its wholesale business and settlement management. It also includes CSG’s interconnect and intermediate solutions, and will support both Gabon’s mobile and fixed-line businesses.

“Revenue and net income growth are dependent upon the efficiency of our operations,” said Bernard Mbangangoye, international director of interconnection at Gabon Telecom.

“With the CSG solution we are able to control our wholesale process from end-to-end, correctly capturing data records, accurately invoicing our partners, and shortening the time to settlement. Thanks to CSG, we are able to monitor the operations through KPI dashboards updated daily and proactively address any anomalies.”

Gabon Telecom was the first operator in Central Africa to launch LTE. According to the company, it made the strategic decision to modernise not just its network but also the systems responsible for monetising its network traffic.

“CSG builds strong relationships with our clients who recognise the value our solutions add to their operations as well as the domain expertise we bring to every engagement,” said George Fraser, VP of CSG’s Europe, Middle East and Africa regional operations.

“Our increasing footprint in dynamic markets such as Africa is a testament to our knowledge and the functional depth of our offerings.”



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