NTT launches developer portal

NTT launches developer portal

NTT Communications has launched a developer portal across a range of its services.

The portal is designed to allow system developers to use their own IT systems to directly browse and customise information regarding the application, operation and management of NTT Com’s IT services.

The portal is said to be interoperable with customer systems by confirming API specifications for each NTT Com service.

This includes network services, such as Arcstar Universal One, Arcstar Universal One Virtual or Arcstar Universal One Mobile Global M2M, cloud services, such as Biz Hosting Enterprise Cloud or Biz Hosting Cloudn), co-location (Nexcenter), and applications, such as Arcstar UCaaS, Arcstar SIP Trunking or Biz Mail.

NTT Com also plans to expand its developer portal content with additional tools, such as an API console, software development kit, API best practices for linkage with user systems, and customer case histories.

Meanwhile the company has also announced that its subsidiary NTT America is to merge with Verio.

The merger will see NTT America takeover the existing cloud and web services of Verio.

The move is designed to strengthen NTT Com’s position in the cloud services market, and is said to further improve operational efficiency. 

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