GSMA launches online mobile marketplace

GSMA launches online mobile marketplace

The GSMA has launched an online commerce platform for the mobile market, which it says is a world first for the industry.

The GSMA Marketplace enables sellers to create personalised online storefronts, including uploading product and service catalogues. They will also be able to respond to instant Request for Proposals (RFPs) and other queries.  

The platform is said to address inefficient procurement processes by providing a common platform for buyers and sellers. According to the GSMA, the Marketplace will help buyers save time and money in finding the best deals and decrease the high costs sellers are incurring from showcasing their products. 

“Whether you are a buyer looking for greater innovation or better prices in your procurement of products or services, or a seller seeking to win new business and enter new markets, the GSMA Marketplace will let you browse, contact and connect with companies who can help you achieve your objectives,” said John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Limited.

“Our members asked us to set up the GSMA Marketplace and as an industry association we are in a unique position to attract buyers and sellers in telecoms from all over the world.”

Over 1,300 buyers and sellers have signed up to the platform. The service will be offered free to buyers while sellers are charged an annual subscription of $1,500.

The GSMA Marketplace will be rolled out in phases. The first stage will enable buyers to search, discover and make contact with sellers. Future phases will be driven by buyer and seller feedback but could include formal accreditation of sellers and the ability to carry out transactions within the site. 

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