Tata launches roaming intelligence service

Tata launches roaming intelligence service

Tata Communications has today launched its RoamPulse platform; a real-time roaming intelligence solution designed to enable mobile operators to offer a better roaming experience to their customers.

RoamPulse delivers real-time monitoring, reporting and alarming for all roaming traffic and Tata expects the platform to address the growing problem in the market of undetected roaming issues which can cause a significant commercial loss for operators.

“Tata Communications recognised a growing need in the mobile operator market for a hosted and managed roaming intelligence tool covering all roaming interfaces, which is why we developed RoamPulse,” explained Jeff Bak, VP of mobility solutions at Tata Communications.

“The depth and breadth of our network means that Tata Communications is well-placed to provide operators with a single tool for all roaming troubleshooting, ultimately providing them with faster intelligence and helping them to deliver higher quality service to their customers.”

With RoamPulse, Tata hopes to enable operators to shift from troubleshooting and refocus on their core business needs. The solution is also designed to allow for a seamless, anytime-anywhere roaming experience, with enhanced availability in voice, messaging, 2G/3G and 4G LTE.

“This is an important milestone in Tata Communications’ development, as we introduce another service to help mobile operators improve subscriber experience,” Bak said.

Earlier this month, Tata Communications signed a $20 million multi-year deal with Germany’s Kion Group to provide global WAN services.

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