Tata signs $20 million global WAN deal with Kion Group

Tata signs $20 million global WAN deal with Kion Group

Tata Communications has signed a $20 million multi-year deal with Germany’s Kion Group to provide global WAN services.

The deal will see Tata replace Kion Group’s existing WAN providers with a single global network to its 330 sites across 30 countries. 

The global network is said to form an important pillar of Kion’s “Strategy 2020” plan to create economies of scale across the entire group with its six global and regional brands. 

The network is said to utilise a combination of technologies which will allow Kion to handle data more intelligently and with greater visibility. For the end user, this will mean faster application delivery to any device, said the company. 

“A single global provider would enable us to simplify our network management, but the advanced services that Tata Communications provides are going a step further in allowing us to take complete control of the traffic on our network,” said Walter Gruner, Kion Group’s CIO.

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