Mobily’s acting CEO to stay until end-March

Mobily’s acting CEO to stay until end-March

Mobily’s acting CEO Serkan Okandan has said he will run the company until end-March, according to Reuters.

Okandan was appointed deputy CEO in October, shortly before Mobily announced shock earnings due to an auditing error which wiped out $381 million of previously report profit.

Okandan took temporary charge of Mobily in late November after then-CEO Khalid Omar Al Kaftook was suspended

"My mandate is until end-March. Beyond this date, (the) board and shareholders will decide the way forward," Okandan told Reuters in an e-mailed response.

"We are focussing on how to improve our cost structure not only by doing the same in a more efficient manner, but also being innovative. We are confident our shareholders will enjoy better results in the coming quarters.” 

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