Telekom Austria Group and Eutelsat to offer high-speed satellite broadband

Telekom Austria Group and Eutelsat to offer high-speed satellite broadband

Telekom Austria Group’s domestic subsidiary A1 is to offer high-speed satellite broadband in Austria via a partnership with Eutelsat.

Some areas of Austria struggle with internet access due to mountainous terrain, with the nearest A1 mobile base stations located too far away for broadband connectivity.

The Group is now able to offer satellite broadband services to these areas with download and upload speeds of up to 22Mbps and 6Mbps respectively.

An extension of an existing agreement with Eutelsat, the satellite provider will also allow for voice telephony and TV.

“Based on these broadband services, we are now in a position to reach those remotely located areas across our operating footprint, which have not had access to our infrastructure to date,” said StefanAmon, director of wholesale at Telekom Austria Group.

“SAT broadband is therefore a perfect supplement to our existing network infrastructure as it allows us to meet this additional demand for internet coverage.”

In order to communicate to the Eutelsat satellite, a small satellite dish and modem is installed, removing the need for a fixed telephone line.

“This agreement and our relationship with Telekom Austria is the perfect example of how Eutelsat can work with international telecoms operators to assist them to offer high-value multimedia services to their customers across Europe,” said Jean-Francois Fenech, general manager at Eutelsat Broadband.

“We are delighted to now be delivering broadband services alongside TAG’s DTH platform to make triple play a realty across central and eastern Europe and to further contribute to bridging the digital divide in the region.”

The Group plans to roll out satellite services across more of its operating markets in 2015.

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