iBasis launches LTE roaming intelligence tool

iBasis launches LTE roaming intelligence tool

iBasis has launched a monitoring, alarming and reporting tool designed to provide mobile operators with visibility into their LTE roaming service performance and usage on different network levels.

InVision is said to use real-time LTE roaming traffic data generated from the network to provide operators with granular views of application, network and subscriber performance.

By using proactive monitoring and predictive analysis, operators are said to be able to resolve issues quicker, and be able to deliver a better level of service to customers.

“With InVision, we are helping operators to deliver the best possible user experience and maximize the value of their LTE Roaming service, while reducing the operational costs associated with trouble-shooting, issue resolution and customer dissatisfaction,” said Chris Lennartz, director of mobile product management for iBasis.

iBasis’ LTE signaling network is said to cover more than 175 destinations in more than 80 countries.

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