Alcatel-Lucent completes 300G and 400G trial on ACE cable

Alcatel-Lucent completes 300G and 400G trial on ACE cable

French vendor Alcatel-Lucent and the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) consortium have successfully completed a 300G and 400G field trial on the ACE system.

The trial facilitated 300Gbps and 400Gbps technologies to reach transmission speeds of 12.6Tbps of data per fibre pair on the route. 

“This field trial demonstrates the ability to support higher speeds and capacity in a seamless way, meeting the needs for optimising the total cost of network ownership and without impacting the system performance,” said Yves Ruggeri, chairman of the ACE management committee

“The scalability up to 400G offered by Alcatel-Lucent in a single board show the adaptability of the solution for addressing the need for expanding system capabilities on any distance.”

Alcatel-Lucent used optical coherent technology to provide a more than fivefold increase on the system’s initial design capacity.

“Our mission is to offer customers efficient solutions which help meet the global explosion of traffic demand being placed on submarine networks,” said Philippe Dumont, president of Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks. 

“Our sustained investment in R&D enables us to introduce 300G/400G technology, providing innovations that will maximise systems capacity from regional to transoceanic distances.”

In April last year, Alcatel-Lucent partnered with the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) to trial 400G.