Vodafone UK launches mobile device management solution

Vodafone UK launches mobile device management solution

Vodafone UK has launched a mobile device management (MDM) solution targeting the enterprise and public sector.

Vodafone’s Total Managed Mobility claims to makes it easier for IT managers to manage multiple devices and operating systems.

It is said to also allow businesses to choose where their technology is managed – either in the cloud, through a dedicated hosting solution or on their own premises. 

“Mobile device management is critical to every organisation, but purchasing multiple services on a one-off basis can create a complex, disparate solution that is difficult to manage and isn’t futureproofed,” said David Langhorn, head of corporate and large enterprise at Vodafone UK. 

“Businesses are looking for a secure, simple way to manage all the mobile devices across all operating systems that their employees use for work, without having to purchase a new application every time a new device comes onto the market. That’s why we’ve launched the new TMM service – giving IT managers the peace of mind that they’ve got device management and security covered."

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