Vip completes VoLTE over NFV trial

Vip completes VoLTE over NFV trial

Telekom Austria Group’s Macedonian subsidiary Vip claims to have completed the region’s first VoLTE call based on Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

Vip completed the VoLTE service using a virtualised Telephony Application Server (TAS) running on a virtualised IMS environment, both of which were supplied by Mavenir Systems. 

The operator concludes that its LTE network, which was launched this year, is VoLTE ready and will be able to support VoLTE capable devices. It claims customers using VoLTE will be able to hold a voice conversation while streaming video content. It also believes set-up times will be reduced to less than 2 seconds.

“For Telekom Austria Group NFV technology is a paradigm shift which will have a major impact on the telecommunications industry globally within the next few years. The traditional IT silo world will no longer exist and the telecoms landscape will be shaped differently. I am proud that the Group is among the first operators worldwide to set these trends,” said Guenther Ottendorfer, CTO, Telekom Austria Group. 

VoLTE trials have been gathering pace in 2014 as carriers prepare for the commercial launch of VoLTE services.

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