Huawei pushes ahead with 400G in China

Huawei pushes ahead with 400G in China

Huawei claims to have completed the first successful tests of a 400G optical transport network in China.

In collaboration with China Mobile, the Chinese telecoms equipment provider tested two 400G OTN solutions, as it continues on its quest to commercialise 400G.

"We are delighted to see breakthroughs in core technologies testing that take us closer to commercial deployment of 400G OTNs, and especially in collaborating with China Mobile to test our latest OTN technology in China,” said Wang Weibin, president of transport network product line, Huawei.

Since 2012, Huawei has worked with several European operators to trial 400G, including KPN and Telefonica, as well as tested what it claims is the industry’s longest 400G subsea cable in collaboration with Tata Communications.

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