Netflix in talks with operators in Belgium

Netflix in talks with operators in Belgium

US streaming player Netflix is in talks with cable and telecoms groups in a bid to distribute its content across Belgium.

The company launched its on-demand service in the country today, and Belgium media reports Netflix is in talks with both Belgacom and cable player Voo.

Netflix has struck similar agreements with Deutsche Telekom in Germany and Bouygues in France, and the company is attempting to partner with telcos or cable companies to extend the reach of its content.

The service is only available online in Belgium, and many new TV sets and media players have the application built in.

Belgacom presently has 1.5 million TV customers and Voo has over a million. All parties involved have reportedly declined to comment at this stage.

Netflix has launched its service across Europe in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

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