Wilcon to expand fibre network in California

Wilcon to expand fibre network in California

US-based Wilcon is to expand its fibre network by developing a new fibre ring connecting downtown Los Angeles and El Segundo to increase the capacity of its southern California infrastructure.

The ring stretches 43 route miles and 22000 fibre miles, creating diverse network access from downtown Los Angeles through Hollywood, Santa Monica and Burbank to dense commercial district in El Segundo, including multiple data centre facilities in the area.

Wilcon claims it is now connected to all major data centres in the Los Angeles metro area and over 50 data centres across southern California, aiding its internet and optical data services capabilities throughout the region.

“For companies looking to achieve high-capacity connectivity in El Segundo, we can take them there from anywhere in southern California,” said Rich Coyle, SVP of network operations at Wilcon. “With this unparalleled reach and diversity, we continue to distinguish ourselves in network density, deployment and vision.”

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