Huawei and 21Vianet launch commercial SDN network in China

Huawei and 21Vianet launch commercial SDN network in China

Huawei has partnered with Chinese data centre service provider 21Vianet for the deployment of a commercial SDN network in the country.

The network is expected to be the largest of its kind in China and is designed to provide flexibility for the management and support of cloud services for enterprises.

The agreement saw the two companies collaborate on joint innovation initiatives in SDN and 21Vianet deploy Huawei’s Cloud Fabric Data Centre Network Solution.

Huawei’s solution is expected to significantly improve the overall efficiency of 21Vianet’s cloud computing data centres, and Mike Ma, VP at 21Vianet, said that its customers would now also benefit from faster service delivery and launch.

“21Vianet’s goal is to become one of the most respected Chinese companies in the internet infrastructure sector and provide high-quality services via open and innovative next-generation network infrastructure,” Ma said.

The solution is also hoped to increase the efficiency of bandwidth utilisation from 50% to 80%, as well as deliver greater cost-efficiency to 21Vianet customers.

“The successful deployment of China’s largest commercial SDN network that effectively supports 21Vianet’s growth strategy marks a significant industry milestone,” said Yu Li, general manager, data centre network domain, switch and enterprise communications product line at Huawei.

Li said Huawei is open to collaboration with customers to promote innovation and in June, the company partnered with China Unicom for what was claimed to be the world’s first commercial SDN-based IP radio access network (IPRAN).

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