UK operators put pressure on Ofcom to open dark fibre market

UK operators put pressure on Ofcom to open dark fibre market

UK operators are reportedly putting pressure on regulator Ofcom to open up the nation’s fibre-optic broadband infrastructure, presently operated by BT’s Openreach division.

The likes of Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Vodafone – among others – have argued that they should be allowed to run the network, either by controlling existing dark fibre or by using BT’s underground ducts to lay their own lines, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

Ofcom is reportedly considering whether BT should be required to provide the industry with physical access to its fibre network and ducts, which will form part of its wider review of competition in business connectivity.

Responding to the story, a BT spokesman said: “There is currently no regulatory requirement for BT to provide other operators duct or dark fibre access in business connectivity markets. The current range of wholesale products provide a robust basis for competition which is delivering for UK businesses. We believe there is no justification for changing the rules and to do so would result in increased costs for businesses.”

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