Ofcom aims to support SMEs

Ofcom aims to support SMEs

UK regulator Ofcom has outlined a policy to help SMEs benefit from communications services across the country.

In a research study published in August, 85% of SMEs say they are well served by the UK telecoms market, but have also experienced problems with services.

The regulator is concerned that large businesses can secure higher-quality services by virtue of scale, and has recommended steps to ensure SMEs are better served.

These steps include promoting widespread availability of superfast broadband, offering greater service quality and choice for SMEs and offering greater protection for SMEs by reviewing consumer protection laws.

“We recognise what a critical sector of the economy the SME community represents, and how important digital communications technology is to this group of business consumers,” said Ed Richards, CEO, Ofcom.

“While there have been developments in the range of services available over the past decade, we’re still not confident that SMEs are benefitting as consistently as they should be from high quality digital communications.”

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